Rhaenyra Targaryen, the Realm’s Delight and Half-Year Queen, passed from this veil of tears upon the twenty-second day of tenth moon of the 130th year after Aegon’s Conquest.’

Hello! I've been reading your Supreme Court of Westeros posts, and I have noticed that many of you seem to think that a Dany/Jon relationship is a part of the endgame. Is this so feasible? Besides what I see as both of their kind of doomed fate, I think Jon's honor as a Stark would stop him from marrying his aunt. Ned hated the thought of incest and when, and if, Jon finds out he's a Targaryen he'll likely feel that way, too. Is it possible that the two will work together as family, not lovers?

I don’t remember Ned being particularly abhorred by incest compared to other characters, Stannis for example, is on record being disgusted by the idea of incest. Certainly, Ned would have had the general level of disturbance and you are correct that Jon would view it entirely differently than Dany would (if he realizes they are related). It is definitely possible that their relationship might end up familial rather than romantic. I think that some sort of strife or conflict is destined to be there intermingled with any sort of love that they might have, driving that doomed fate that you mentioned.

Have you read any of the Wild Cards series? If so what do you think of it? And what about the rest of GRRM's work?

I have read most of GRRM’s other works and I like most of it. We are actually doing some BOK episodes on his earlier works, you can check them out at http://bastardsofkingsgrave.wordpress.com/. I haven’t read much Wild Cards but from what I have, that isn’t my particular cup of tea. I would recommend starting with his other works first, leaving Wild Cards for last, but that’s just my opinion.


VOK 126: The Legend of Korra (“In Harm’s Way” and “The Metal Clan” Review)

just pointing that out…

The Vassals have waited all week to feel this warm! Guest hosts Amin and Zach (Alias) join Katie (Lady Griffin) and Stephanie (gsgd) to review episodes S3E04-05 of The Legend of Korra: “In Harm’s Way” and “The Metal…


poor melisandre is just trying to stop the end of the world jon she doesnt have time for your sass


poor melisandre is just trying to stop the end of the world jon she doesnt have time for your sass


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